An Overview of the DISC Personality Test

There are an increasing number of companies that are starting to incorporate the DISC personality test into the process when hiring new staff members. The acronym DISC stands for dominance, influencing, steadiness and conscientiousness. This aptitude test uses these standards and other factors in order to determine average style of personalities. Many worldwide organizations embrace this test as a guide for effective coaching, training, and consultations.

This test uses a variety of circular charts in order to determine factors influencing the person’s personality. These factors explain basically what causes the individual to do the things that they do and why they make the choices that they do.  The DISC personality test profile is individualized. The improvement of productivity and reduction of conflict are the goals of using the various different tests and getting the personalized aptitudes is very helpful.

The modern market place for professionals and blue-collar workers alike are assessed using the DISC personality tests. These tests are used as part of the process when hiring new staff in order to get the correct staff in the workplace in order to make the most of personalities and maximize productivity. Although this test for new staff is a good idea it is important to bear in mind that not all companies make use of it.  These tests often paves a smoother road for companies in terms of communication and productivity of the employee. Team workers often have to learn about the various different personality types and what will complement the team. By knowing what to expect from other team member is it possible to minimize the amount of conflict within the workplace. Using the information obtained from this test it is possible for the team leaders to develop a work plan that encourages motivation, reduce miscommunication issues and reduces conflict.

These tests show clearly that thought, attitudes and feelings all have an impact on the way that individuals will behave. The results from these tests can be used to interpret how each individual thinks and behaves, which means that companies are able to identify what will motivate their staff members. Once the motivating factors have been determined it opens the doors to understanding the diverse talents that are available amongst the work force and this can help to create space for open communication.

Self change through cognitive behavior is encourages through the ability to have open dialogue and this makes a clear connection of communication and style. When the proper tools are implemented and the correct language is used it is possible to resolve issues of conflict amongst the work forces and this will make a better place to work, which means that the productivity rates will be higher. When all of the staff clearly understands each other then this can help them to identify when there will be a risk of misunderstanding which will have an affect on productivity. Corporations often find that these tests are very helpful to find a personality that will complement the work force that they already have. 


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