What is the Strengths Theory?

The practice that is based on the strengths theory is a method of measuring aptitude, which focuses on the abilities that people have for making decisions. This test will look at the ability to make decisions without having interference from other people. This test tends to be used by clients that want to get immediate results and they want people that have the strength to solve problems.

There are really seven main principles that are used for the strengths theory. The principles that are looked at with this theory can actually be very encouraging. The first principle is that individuals have a range of different strengths, which are all unique to each individual person and these are actually part of the person’s identity. Most people are able to learn from the experiences that they have and these will affect and mature the change of that person. The second principle is that the main point of intervention is to realize the aspirations and cultivate the strengths of the individual.

The second principle of this theory look at the social environment or demographics environment that is full of resources. The resources that are available can be obtained through various organizations, clinics and facilities that are operated by the state. All of these resources will be able to assist people to learn more about the theory and how it works in practice. The third principle sees individuals as a part of the planning process, which looks at the actions that are required. The service provider builds a course that is focused on the goals that need to be met by the individual. The fourth principle makes it an obligation for individuals to find empowerment. The final principle looks at difficult situations, which are caused by interactions between organizations, individuals or structures rather than deficits within individuals. There is no accountability when intervention is used however a correction that flows using the strengths of the individuals will have beneficial results to both the employer and the employees.

The head people within corporations are aware that they have a vast and often untapped reservoirs of emotional, physical, cognitive, interpersonal, spiritual energies, social, resources and competencies that are unappreciated. The intelligent executives will have the ability to incorporate strength theory in order to find and enter into the unused resources within the work force. This theory encourages service providers to look into the full range of support that is available.

Over the years there has been a vast amount of people that have researched the strength theory and to a certain extent made their own opinions regarding what it is about. Taylor is one of the people who have looked into this theory and they discussed the concept of enabling and entrapping the social niches. The niche reflects the unique place that one fits into within the environment. Strength is something that encourages people in order to discover niches for themselves.  There is a vast array of different factors that will influence the capacity of somebody to act using their own initiative.


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